Employment & Dispersal Lists - Assisted Passengers Arriving 1848-1854 - Arrivals at Moreton Bay, Port Phillip, Sydney & Twofold Bay



NSW Immigration Deposits Combined Index 1853-1900
(ISBN 978-0-9577658-4-9)
This index has been completely revised and expanded as a field-searchable database listing depositors and immigrants. This new version combines the two indexes - the NSW Immigration Deposit Index 1853-1900 and the Immigration Deposit Regulations Supplementary Index - and it has many new features. It now contains 71,211 records. Many early immigrants established in the Colony, including former convicts, sponsored relatives and employees and, in  a majority of entries, details such as location, parish, townland or address in the county or country of origin, age, ship, etc. are specified and families are grouped. These records provide that vital link between family and extended family, often cousins, uncles etc. with different surnames. These deposits were recorded in the Journals from 1853. The Supplementary records cover the period when only the Depositors Index survived in the Journals. The combined index lists name and age of the proposed immigrant, sponsor (depositor), date of deposit, embarkation order or ship list, deposit or application number, name of ship of arrival if noted in the journal entry, State Records NSW reference for shelf location and, for the journals, microfilm number, and, in a remarks column, note of information available in the original entry including, if in the journal, the CPS [Clerk of Petty Sessions] location and the date of arrival of the ship, if that ship was named in the original entry. All names with a ship noted in the journals have been compared with the names on the ship lists and variant names are included in the Remarks and can therefore be picked up on the "Full Search" feature. The CD contains researching tips and other information on these most valuable records, available under the Help button.
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Unassisted Arrivals to Sydney (NSW) Index 1842-1857 (ISBN 978-0-9577658-3-2)
Fully field searchable. Lists over 191,890 entries compiled from three State Records NSW Sources (Reports of Vessels Arrived 1842-56; Passengers Arriving Sydney 1846; and Shipping Master's Office: Passengers Arriving 1854-1856) and includes over 25,000 additional passengers and variant names from ship lists found in the shipping intelligence columns of the Sydney Morning Herald and the Shipping Gazette and Sydney General Trade List, a weekly publication. It also includes the name of any regiment noted plus any deaths on board. The 1857 year brought hundreds of miners to Sydney from Melbourne due to the NSW goldrush.

The index lists the name, age (when given), arrival date, status (master, passenger or crew - and crew only listed from 1854), departure ports, including foreign, coastal and interstate and any other information such as nationality, description, occupation and any additional information from the original source or the SMH is noted in Remarks and a full reference to the source is supplied. Notes on sources and some illustrations are in the Help files including one of the unfilmed ships lists Reduced to $70+ $3 p&p - CLICK FOR SAMPLE ITEMS

Deane Index Re-Indexed 1823-1840 (ISBN 0 947284 52 4)
Miss Mathilde E Deane, working at the PRO London in 1929-30 compiled an index (sometimes referred to as The Settlers Index) to miscellaneous letters by or about settlers, military and individuals in the Colonial Office series of records including, in the early portion, both New South Wales and Van Diemens Land.

The letters have been filmed by the AJCP (Australian Joint Copying Project). Miss Deane's index is arranged chronologically, but with several sections for each year. She indexed by name of letter writer only with a précis of the contents and notation of persons named mentioned therein. Pastkeys has compiled a composite index of 16,189 records cross indexed by letter writer and subject's names. The index contains both the AJCP and Mitchell Library reference and notes any other details in a remarks column. Includes a large volume of correspondence exchanged between public figures of the day, much concerned with political wrangling and court cases. $30.00 + $3 p&p

Free Railway Passes (NSW) Index 1880-1892 (ISBN 0 947284 49 4)
This index of 23,899 entries has been compiled from surviving registers of applications for free railway passes which were generally issued to those immigrants in the Colony ("the Colony" being NSW) seeking employment in country or outer metropolitan areas, although many were issued to men, women and children for charitable reasons. The date range of the registers is not indicative of how long the applicants were in the Colony with some having arrived within days or weeks of the application while others were in the Colony for up to 50 years. Most entries note the applicant's native place, age, married or single, and how long in Colony. There are original signatures on many of the entries - for those who were literate &, with others, there's just their mark when the passes were collected. Please use the Articles link to see many examples of the very detailed information given in these valuable records. $42.00 + $3 p&p - CLICK FOR SAMPLE ITEMS

IMPORTANT NOTE: This index was published first on microfiche in 2003 and in 2005, was republished on CD. In anticipation of the registers being filmed immediately State Records assigned Reel Numbers 1869 to 1871 and 1873 to this series of records and we used these for the index. In February 2012 – 9 years later – we have been advised that the Railway Passes have ONLY NOW been filmed and Reel No.1873 has been renumbered as Reel No.3857. For those who have either the microfiche or CD in your collection, could you please add a note to the microfiche sleeve or CD case for those looking at the originals on film at SRNSW to show that Reel No.1873 is now Reel No.3857. The films themselves are available at both SRNSW reading rooms (to 30 June 2012 only at Globe Street). The films do not form part of the Archives Resources Kit (ARK).

Convicts & Employers (NSW) Index 1828, 1832-1833, Jan 1838-Jan-1844 (ISBN 0 947284 51 6)
This index of 22,574 records has been compiled primarily from lists published in the NSW Government Gazette in 1832-1833 of assignments (male and female), absconders, absconders apprehended, a small list of those whose Ticket of Leave was cancelled, and records from State Records NSW of assignments to assist in harvesting and surveying. All records have been cross-indexed by employer (where given), native place (where noted), date, type of record, location, reference, ship and a remarks column ith any relevant detail. A major resource for convicts that were sent to New South Wales within the specified years SOLD OUT- CLICK FOR SAMPLE ITEMS

Wages Paid to Orphans Index 1849-1851 (ISBN 0 947284 53 2)
Comprises 612 entries of Irish orphan girls, their employers and other relevant persons mentioned in the records. It was compiled from State Records NSW source Wages paid to orphans 1849-51 with references or additional entries where applicable. Included on Miscellaneous CD  with Unemployed Registers 1860 and 1884 and Unclaimed Letters 1836-1852 Indexes. $17.00 + $3 p&p - CLICK FOR SAMPLE ITEMS

Unemployed Registers 1860, 1884 Index(ISBN 0 947284 53 2)
Containing 494 records, listing the name, age, occupation, marital status, date of interview, address, ship of arrival (where given), any other additional information and the State Records NSW reference. Included on Miscellaneous CD  with Unclaimed Letters (Noting Ship or Regiment) 1836-1852 and Wages Paid to Orphans 1849-1851 Indexes. $17.00 + $3 p&p - CLICK FOR SAMPLE ITEMS

Unclaimed Letters (Noting Ship or Regiment) Index 1836-1852 (ISBN 0 947284 53 2)
An index of 2790 unclaimed letters listed in the New South Wales Government Gazette. In many cases, as well as the addressee's name, the published lists included the expected locations of these persons in NSW and other colonies. Many of them also noted the ship of arrival of the addressee or their current (or late) regiment. Included on Miscellaneous CD  with Unemployed Registers 1860 and 1884 and Wages Paid to Orphans 1849-1851 Indexes. $17.00 + $3 p&p - CLICK FOR SAMPLE ITEMS


Passenger Arrivals at Port Phillip & Other Victorian Ports Index 1846(ISBN 978 094728 474 9)
Index of 2,052 entries for arrivals of passengers at Port Phillp and other Victorian ports. Lists the name, age, ship, status (master, crew member if named, passenger or other person), date of arrival, departure ports, and Remarks. Remarks include information on the type of ship, the arrival port if it was not at Port Phillip, native county and country and occupation. Remarks also include whether a passenger is a visitor to the colony, or if they intend to become a settler in the Colony.
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