Pastkeys Field-searchable CDs and compatibility with later Windows Operating Systems


These three CDs have been tested for compatibility on later versions of Windows than those noted on the back of the CD jewel case inserts. The Employment & Dispersal Lists: Assisted Passengers Arriving 1848-1854 : Arrivals at Moreton Bay, Port Phillip, Sydney & Twofold Bay CD is compatible with Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 instead of just up to Windows 8. Both the NSW Immigration Deposits Combined Index 1853-1900 and the Unassisted Arrivals to Sydney (NSW) Index 1842-1857 CDs are compatible with Windows 8/8.1 but they need an additional system file that affects the printing to run effectively under Windows 10. Anyone wishing to install those CDs on a Windows 10 system, please contact Aileen J Trinder, Pastkeys at pastkeys@tpg.com.au to obtain a link to download a ‘safe’ system file. If the Employment & Dispersal Lists CD has already been installed on a Windows 10 system, both of these earlier CDs can be installed on the same system as the ‘missing’ system file would already be installed.