Employment and Dispersal List:  Assisted Passengers arriving 1848 to 1854

SYDNEY: Arrival 1848: Sir Edward Parry, Hyderabad, Subraon, Thetis, Canton, Equestrian, Royal Saxon, Fairlie, Agincourt, Earl Grey, Charlotte Jane, Castle Eden, Emperor, General Hewett, Waverley, Walmer Castle; 1849: Thomas Arbuthnot, Harbinger, Walter Morrice, St Vincent, Lady Peel, Scotia, Mary Bannatyne, Duke of Roxburgh, Victoria, Kate, Sea, Petrel, William & Mary, Una, Lismoyne, Sarah, Success, Blonde; 1850: Panama, Thomas Arbuthnot, Cornwall, Anglia, Elizabeth, Oriental; 1851: Earl Grey, St Vincent, 1852: William & Mary, Joseph Somes, Neptune, St George Seymour, Agincourt, David McIver, Kate, Irene, John Gray, Ontario, Hydaspes, Humboldt, Wilson Kennedy, 1853: Rattler, Tamar; 1854: Plantagenet, Sabrina, Rodney, Switzerland, Araminta, Lady Elgin

List Missing  [GDs survived]: 1849: Inchinnan, Steadfast, Julindur, Digby, Midlothian, Tory, Lady Amherst; 1850: John Knox, Thetis, Lloyds, Maria, Tippoo Saib, Ramillies, Lord Stanley, Emily, Kate, 1851: Garland 

PORT PHILLIP: Arrival 1848: Sir Edward Parry, Lady Peel, William Stewart, Adelaide, Mahomed Shah, Cheapside, Palmyra (Palmira), Cornwall, Berkshire, Blonde, Tasman, Andromache, Nelson, Lady Kennaway; 1849: Francis Ridley, Aurora, Labuan, Maitland, Duchess of Northumberland, Manchester, Lysander, Thetis, Osprey, Mary Shepherd, Lord George Bentinck, General Palmer, Sir George Seymour, Victory, Hope, Elizabeth, Medway, New Liverpool, Courier, Mahomed Shah, Tasman, James T Foord, Nelson, Royal George, Andromache; 1850: Maitland, Diadem, Lady Kennaway, Derwent, Reliance, Eliza Caroline, *Culloden

 TWOFOLD BAY: Arrival 1848: Bermondsey 

MORETON BAY: Arrival 1848: Artemisia; 1852: Maria Somes, Argyle, Meridian, Rajahgopaul; 1853: Parsee

Lists Missing [GDs survived]: 1850: Emigrant; 1851: Duchess of Northumberland


1. All lists are extracted from the NSW Governor’s Despatches with the exception of the general and disposal list of the female immigrants on the *Culloden which is from the NSW Colonial Secretary’s In-Letters.

2. Whenever found, additional reports are being included for the ships including any found for those where the lists are missing.

Aileen J Trinder